Power inverters are becoming more and more commonly used because of the push for green energy initiatives — and you can’t build a renewable energy system without a DC to AC inverter. These products transform the DC battery power into AC electricity that can be used to power most all tools and appliances. This can come in incredibly handy for emergency backup power, mobile power and off-grid power.

Genova Power provides the best customer service and technical support in the industry.

Based on your consumption needs we can provide the perfect solution for off-grid, mobile and/or backup electricity. These inverters provide electricity for business owners, homeowners, RV and boat owners, campers and everyone in between. 

The beauty of these products is that they are an environmentally friendly solution. Combine a power inverter, a deep-cycle battery, some cable, and a solar charge controller with some solar panels, and you will be on your way toward energy independence.

Reduce the size of your power bill and your environmental footprint today.

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A comprehensive working knowledge of a full range of power solutions and technical planning. Genuine components – using approved parts from trusted manufacturers.


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