Solar-Powered Solutions

We recognize the significant financial and environmental benefits for businesses that invest and install commercial solar panels.

As such, we pride ourselves on providing businesses and individuals alike with sustainable solutions to power their operations. 

At Genova Power, we specialize in commercial solar panels and provide our customers with a full turn-key design, installation and maintenance service for solar PV.

Integrating your solar panel system with a solar battery storage solution is a great way to capitalize on the energy savings your solar panels produce and leverage additional benefits for your home or business.

By storing and using all of the free electricity your solar panels produce, you will benefit from even greater savings. Storing energy on-site ensures you are less reliant on the national grid, protecting you from load shedding; allowing your business to remain operational when your competitors cannot. 

We stock a full range of deep cycle batteries with various capacities and voltages, suitable for all applications.  We acquire, the only source tried and tested, ‘tier one’ products from the world’s leading manufacturers.

This offers proven quality and ensures that your warranties will remain intact for the lifetime of your system.

We recognize that appropriate battery bank design is as critical as product selection in ensuring a successful PV system.

Our solar solutions:

We offer a wide range of solutions which include:

* Installation and integration of commercial and residential solar systems (off-grid and grid-tied systems)

* Solar street lighting systems

* Solar water pumping systems

* Energy Audits

* System service—both corrective and preventative

Why Us


We Maintain the Highest Standards

Maintaining the highest quality standards is the core of what we do. Our reputation is built on providing honest advice, quality equipment and reliable, professional support.


Quality Workmanship

Completed by fully trained in-house engineers. We offer a flexible and responsive service.


Extensive Experience

A comprehensive working knowledge of a full range of power solutions and technical planning. Genuine components – using approved parts from trusted manufacturers.


Tailored Products

We take the time to understand our customers’ needs. Our solutions are tailored to fit those needs.


Competitive Prices

We provide real value for money. Our products and services are competitively priced.


Quality Service

We work hard to develop long-term relationships with our clients, providing superior, personal customer service as standard. We’re always happy to offer honest, expert advice, we are there to support you before, during and after the sale.